Market Director: Justine Gaudry 

Mobile: 0439-649-058 

Email: enquire@theolivetreemarket.com.au 

Website: www.theolivetreemarket.com.au 

Office Postal Address: 

18 Estell St Maryville, 2293, NSW 

The Olive Tree Market Location: 

Civic Park, King St, Newcastle. 

Trading hours: 

The Olive Tree Market trades from 9.00am to 2.00pm on the 1st Saturday of the Month and the 1st & 3rd Saturday of November and December. 

Market Site Stall Number and Site Map For Each Market Date:

Stallholders will be forwarded their stall number, and a market site map, on the Thursday evening two days prior to the each individual date of The Olive Tree Market. 

Market Day Stallholder Parking: 

Civic West Car Park. 291 King St. Entrance on Gibson Street. Maximum Vehicle height 1.9m. https://www.huntercarparks.com.au/ civic/ 

Stallholders must leave surrounding parking bays clear after unloading to maximise customer parking for The Olive Tree Market and for the surrounding retail establishments on Darby Street.


The Olive Tree Market (OTM) has built a strong reputation as one of Australia’s most successful contemporary handmade art & design markets. 

We place a strong emphasis on curating each event to feature a unique collective of Australian made and ethically produced goods. 

We create a supportive platform for emerging and established creatives and innovative small businesses to showcase their work in an exciting and creative community setting. 

The Olive Tree Market has absolute discretion with regard to the approval of all stallholders and the approval of their products for sale. 

Shared stalls are welcome. However, stallholders must clearly state that they wish to share a stall at the time of application if this is the intention. Stalls are not to be shared with other designers without the Market Organiser’s prior approval. 

If applying as a collective or group, you must submit one application with the details of all the artists & products that you wish to sell. There must be one contact point for all correspondence. All goods to be sold at the market must be viewed by the Market Organiser and approved for trade in the market. 

NOTE: Stallholders are not permitted to substitute products, or introduce new product ranges, without reapplying with new ranges & prior written approval by The Olive Tree Market. This is a strict condition of trade. 

Stallholders shall not offer for sale any goods or services featuring Trade Marks that are not legally affixed or displayed with the merchandise. There are a limited number of stalls and a large number of applications. Approval of all stalls, and stallholders for every market, is at the discretion of the Market Organiser. 


Having a stall at The Olive Tree Market is conditional upon compliance with all OTM rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the individual stallholder to ensure they have read, understood, and will adhere to The Olive Tree Markets 2021 Terms and Conditions Document. 

In addition, stallholders are responsible for ensuring all persons working in and/ or supporting in the operation of their stall, do so in accordance with The Olive Tree Market Terms and Conditions 2021


Stall presentation is extremely important to The Olive Tree Market’s reputation as a high quality unique market event, and to the experience of our customer and visitor audiences- this is what sets us apart from other markets. 

Stall presentation needs to be professional and creative. Presentation of your products is extremely important on market day. We encourage all stallholders to ensure that your stall layout reflects a cohesiveness of vision of your brand story. The quality of stall display equipment is also important. It is not acceptable to use poor quality signage or unappealing displays. 

Market management has the discretion to ask for changes to the stall display of any stallholder should it be non-compliant with OTM standards. 

There are to be no clothing racks, change rooms and general stall equipment outside of stall boundaries. 

All storage equipment, boxes, trolleys and non essential items, must be concealed during trading hours. 

Stallholders are responsible for ensuring personal and public safety, in the vicinity of their stall, and in the food products, goods, and services they offer; in accordance with all relevant Australian laws and regulations. 


Location of stalls is at the sole discretion of the Market Organiser. Stallholders will be advised of their intended stall location in advance, however this remains subject to change, as determined by the Market Organiser.

There are no guarantees of specific stall space within the market. Stalls are required to trade within the boundaries of their allocated stall space. 

Prior approval of a stall does not guarantee future approval. Stalls may be discontinued at the sole discretion of the Market Organiser, at any time, for any reason. 


It is an absolute condition of trade that all stallholders must have weights on each marquee leg- these must be marquee specific weights- not improvised weights- for example water storage containers or dumbbells. 

Without four dedicated marquee weights stallholders will be unable to trade.

There is absolutely no pegging or staking allowed at The Olive Tree Market in Civic Park. This is a condition of our License with the City of Newcastle as there is underground data cabling and watering system. 


The Olive Tree Market is an outdoor event. Stallholders are advised to prepare to trade in all weather conditions. 

Should the market need to be canceled due to unsafe and/or extreme weather conditions there will be no refund of stall fees. Cancellation is at the discretion of The Olive Tree Market Management. 


Customers shopping at The Olive Tree Market are entitled to expect fair trading practice consistent with Consumer Law. Public access shall be kept clear at all times with all stallholders keeping within each stalls site boundary. 

The Olive Tree Market trades from 9am-2pm. Stallholders must be ready to trade at 9am and under no circumstance begin packing up before 2pm. 

If there is an emergency, and you must leave The Olive Tree Market early, you must notify the Market Management at the Site Office- which will be located on the Site Map- prior to packing up. Traders that leave early will not be allowed back on site to trade 

Note: Under no circumstances will The Olive Tree Market pay for any damage to stallholder products, marquees, or equipment. By trading at The Olive Tree Market the stall holder accepts this condition. 


Food Stallholders are the only approved stalls permitted on the market site. Under no circumstances are vehicles to drive onto Civic Park except for approved Food Stallholders Vehicles. 

Food stallholders are not permitted to drive onsite before OTM staff are onsite and have approved access. 

All vehicles will be guided onto the market site by a designated traffic warden and must drive at 5kmph with indicators on, to the food area. 

Vehicles are to exit Civic Park in the same manner and no vehicles are to drive onto the market area at the end of the day until all stalls are packed up. 

Future vehicle access is dependent on the impact on Civic Parks’ grounds and WHS safety concerns. Access can be cancelled by the City of Newcastle at any time for non-compliance. 

Hot Food Stall Vehicle Access 

Vehicles must be ready to access Civic Park at 6.00am. Each food truck has individual access requirements and traders who are late impact the ability for the food area to be bumped in. Food Traders must be off site at 7:15 am. 

Gourmet Food Stalls 

Access at 6:20am, and off site at 7:15am. There will be no vehicle entry access will be permitted after 6:45am. 


OTM Staff will manage the Drop Off/ Unloading Zones. Staff will be wearing High Vis Vests for identification. Should any help, information, or assistance be required please ask at any time.

Stallholders must leave their business name on their vehicles dashboard. Olive Tree stalls must be able to contact relevant stallholders if market management requires a stall holder to move their vehicle. 

On arrival, access available spaces in parking bays which legally adhere to traffic signs on Darby Street, King Street, Laman Street or Auckland Street surround Civic Park.

Unload your equipment onto your allocated stall space. Do not leave your equipment on footpaths or other stallholder’s stall space. 

Stallholders must then immediately move their vehicle to the Civic West/ Gibson Street Car Park. 

NOTE: Under no circumstance are stallholders to assemble their marquees/or stall infrastructure before moving their vehicles. 


Stallholders are responsible for the safe unloading and management of all items to/from their vehicles. 

Please ensure that you lock your vehicle while unloading, and packing, to keep your goods safe. The Olive Tree Management will not be held responsible for damage to vehicles or theft from vehicles. 


The City Of Newcastle’s Parking Compliance Officers patrol the streets around Civic Park and routinely book vehicles that are parked in non compliant spaces. 

Please ensure that you do not park in No Parking, No Stopping, or Bus Zones as you are likely to be fined. We don’t like to see stall holders lose money for infringements before the market starts or after a hard day’s work! 

Under no circumstances will The Olive Tree Market be held responsible for infringement notices received for illegal parking. 


You must be aware and compliant with relevant WHS Laws and regulations. (Food Stallholders will be sent an additional document outlining WHS requirements for operating at The Olive Tree Market) 

All stallholders must adhere to the SafeWork NSW and relevant NSW Government Legislation to protect your safety, and the health and safety of your staff and visitors to The Olive Tree Market. 

For information on your responsibilities visit the Safework NSW Website: https://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/home 

Report all incidents at the OTM Management immediately at the Site Office 

Note: When on site and loading and unloading your vehicle do not lift heavy weights and use trolleys for transporting heavy stall equipment and marquees- in excess of 20kgs. 


Market Site Entrances must be kept clear at all times for emergency vehicle access . Market Organisers will patrol these two entrances during unloading and loading and throughout the market to enable access for emergency vehicles if required. 


Senior First Aid Officers will be on site to provide first aid to stallholders, staff, and the general public, if required. They are located at The Olive Tree Market Site Office. 

For medical assistance, report to a OTM Market Manager at the Market Site Office which is located in the central food section near the toilets- and will be displayed on the site map that is sent out to all stallholders for each monthly event. 

If any situation appears life threatening, call 000 and report the incident immediately to the OTM Site Office. 


Emergencies: 000 

Newcastle Fire Station: 4927-2520 

Newcastle Police Station: 4929-0999 


Stallholders are to take any lost children to The Olive Tree Market Site Office. The Olive Tree Market Management will then work to locate the child’s guardian. 


Any lost or found property should be provided to Olive Tree Site Office Any lost property which has been provided to the Site Office can be collected on market day. Subsequently lost property will be available for collection upon arrangement with Market Management. 


General Waste Bins are located throughout the market site and are to be used for general litter and for visitors/customer waste only. 

Stall Holders are not to use bins for cardboard boxes, food stall refuse or general stall waste. Stallholders are required to take all waste home with them at the completion of The Olive Tree Market. 

Stallholders will be charged for improper bin usage. 

The Olive Tree Market is committed to the environment and reducing our impact on both the environment in general and the environment 


Stallholders are asked to be respectful of surrounding residents. Under no circumstances are stallholders to park or stand in the driveways of residents or local businesses surrounding Civic Park. 

Please understand that The Olive Tree Market is located adjacent to a residential area in Laman Street and Darby Street. Complaints by residents and bricks and mortar businesses have the potential to cause the closure of The Olive Tree Market. 

Any stallholders found to be parking in residential driveways will no longer be permitted to trade at The Olive Tree Market. 


NOTE: The Olive Tree Market requires that ALL stall fees be paid on market day, for the following month, at the Site Office or online. Invoices/Receipts will be sent to stallholders by email after the market date that is attended. 

New Stallholders must pay in advance for their first market online. 

NOTE: The Olive Tree Market will no longer ‘chase’ overdue stall fees. It is a stallholders’ responsibility to ensure that stall fees are paid on time. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to be up to date with stall fees. 

Stall positions will be allocated to applicants on the waitlist if payment is not received by the due date. 

Stall allocation and fee charges are at the discretion of management. 

Paying a stall fee does not create any form of tenancy or imply a future Right or License. 



Public Liability Insurance is compulsory and essential for all stallholders. Cover must be at least 10 million dollars.

Stallholders PLI Certificate of Currency must name The OLive ( Olive has a capital L) Tree Market and the City of Newcastle as interested parties. If you do not have this on your current PLI COC please contact your insurer and have this added to your policy- this should be added free of charge.

Stallholders are also required to have all licenses and insurances required to operate their business, and all products must comply with relevant safety and compliance standards.

Please send a PDF copy of your PLI Certificate of Currency to enquire@theolivetreemarket.com.au at least 2 weeks before the market. Please label your document using the following example. PLI-COC-2021-Little Sparrow. 

All compliance documents must be received, prior to trade for legal reasons. Without the required documentation trade will not be approved on market day. 


Food stallholders are also required to attach copies of the following documents: Council Food Inspection Notice (Preferably from The City Of Newcastle), Food Safety Supervisors Certificate and a NSW Food Notification Number. 

These documents must be in the name of the actual stallholder who signs The Olive Tree Market 2021 Terms and Conditions, and who will be attending each date of The Olive Tree Market. 


First time stallholders are required to pay their stall fees by direct deposit on receipt of approval to trade at The Olive Tree Market. 

When making payment please ensure to reference your business name, and the market date that you will attend, into the following account E.g Little Sparrow April 3 

Cancellation of booking and payment. 

Cancellation of your space must be given in writing via email. If you cancel your stall, after payment has been made, there is no refund or credit.