The Olive Tree Winter Market is just over a week away on Saturday June 3rd!

We are excited to introduce our beautiful Winter Market Art Work created by talented First Nations artist Wayde Clarke of Alejandro Lauren– who also happens to be a member of our Olive Tree creative community!

Wayde is a Wiradjuri/Birpai man currently living and creating on Awabakal Country. As a celebration of the new season, Wayde created our Winter Artwork ย ‘Ngurumbi’ which means winter frost in the Wiradjuri language.ย 

“I designed this artwork with the enchanting beauty of frost in my thoughts. When the sun’s rays touch the frost, it illuminates a symphony of colors, resembling a graceful dance amidst a vibrant field. It symbolises the warmth and unity that the Olive Tree instills within our community, where we thrive as a harmonious tapestry of diverse hues.”

It’s been a joy collaborating with Wayde! His creative energy, warmth and joyous spirit shine through in all he creates.

When thinking of debuting this season’s artwork we loved how Wayde recently described the feeling that creating evokes in him.

“Art has the power to connect hearts and minds, bridging the gap between individuals and kindred spirits. It’s an extraordinary feeling to share my innermost thoughts and emotions through my artwork. Each stroke represents a part of my being, a story waiting to be discovered.”

Perfect words. And a beautiful way of thinking about creativity and community.

Meet the Wayde and choose your own original artwork or print at our Winter Olive Tree Market on June 3rd.

Join us in Civic Park from 9am-2pm