We chatted with talented Olive Tree Market jeweller Alana Dourvos and talked all things process and inspiration.

Who Is Behind Alana Douvros Jewelry, And How Did It Start?

Me! Alana! I am! I received a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in ceramic sculpture. I was curious about working with metal so during those years I found myself taking almost all my elective courses in the Jewelery and Metal Arts department. 

During my Uni years and after I found work as a production jeweller, this is when I really learned how to design wearable quality pieces, not just sculptural “art to wear”. It came naturally to me to start slowly building a collection of my own and eventually my own line-Alana Douvros Jewelery

What Does Creativity Mean To You?

Creativity for me is about feeling that spark, you know when you feel it, that you are onto something, you see it in your mind’s eye and you get excited to chase that idea down in the studio. The best days in the studio are the days when I’ve woken up in the morning with that spark, excited to get to work and turn my dreams into a reality.

How Has Your Has Your Brand Developed Over The Years And What Do You Love Most About Creating Jewellery?

I have always used raw gemstones, since day one I was designing pieces with uncut and untreated stones, my love of them has just grown deeper. I think the main development has been my knowledge about the stones themselves. In the beginning, I would choose stones solely for their beauty, but now I am choosing a stone not necessarily for how beautiful it is, but how special and unique it is. 

I’ve learned so much about where all of the stones come from, how prolific they are, what type of crystalline structure they have, and how they are made inside the earth. This is also what I love most about creating my jewellery.

What Influences Your Design?

Oh, I am the most cliche person you will ever meet in this regard! Nature. I owe it all to the colours, shapes, and the natural geometry of nature. Everything I have ever made bounced off the earth first.

Is There A Person, Or Business That You Admire And Look Up To?

In my years as a production jeweller I worked for a number of small businesses, all of which were women-owned businesses, which is admirable in itself. In particular though, the amazing woman who is behind the brand Made By Branch is an inspiration, she taught me how to lift others up with you and how to be a good boss. She is a treasure.

Which Olive Tree Maker Would You Like To Give A ‘Shout Out’ To? What It Is About Their Work That Speaks To You? 

Inside Jo.B. I love how she uses the natural resources that are around her. I am touched by her practice and intrigued by all the different plants she uses to create her dyes.