We have been big fans of Beau Wylie for a long time!

Illustrator Cam has always been a bit of a mystery man! His quirky characters and dreamy imaginary worlds always bring some happiness to our day and leave as wanting to know more about the artist.  

Who Is Behind Beau Wylie And How Did Your Journey Start? 

Beau Wylie is just me! My first name is actually Cam, but many people call me Beau, my middle names are Beau Wylie and I adopted these as my artist alter ego a long time ago. My artistic adventure was actually triggered while I was studying architecture, I loved the illustrative and sketching components of the degree so much that I decided to stop the design and focus on the scribbling.

How Has Your Business Developed Over The Years And What Do You Love Most About Being An Illustrator And Artist?

Honestly I don’t see myself as a business, and I’ve found when I do think that way my work becomes a bit derivative, so I just try to focus on enjoying the process. I always had the goal of creating kids books, and at first I think my work was quite average, but I kept at it anyway because I enjoyed it, and in the last few years my kids books ambitions have come to fruition. I’m still hyper-critical of my work, but that’s just me and I know my work brings pleasure to others, which of course is what matters.

What Does Creativity Mean To You? 

I think creativity is a mindset, it’s not about what thing you’re doing, but how you approach it, I think anyone in any walk of life can be creative. For me it’s about clearing away distractions and approaching a task with an open mind and a sense of adventure, and allowing myself to veer off my intended path to a surprising destination. 

What Influences Your Design?

Just everything around us, and everyday interactions. I always have a sketchbook with me because inspiration can come from anywhere, and good ideas are rare and very fleeting so I try to nab them when they pop up. 

Is There A Person/ Animal/ Being That You Admire And Look Up To That Has Been An Ongoing Creative Inspiration?

I wouldn’t say anyone specific, but I find it enriching to be around other makers, which is why I work in a shared studio space at Onwards Studio, and why I enjoy markets like Olive Tree. When all I have is a blank piece of paper and endless possibilities, that can be a bit overwhelming, so it helps to see others succeeding around me.

What Are You Listening, Reading, Watching While We Are In Lockdown? 

I try not to listen or watch anything while I’m working – unless I’m doing something really repetitive – I think the lack of attentiveness to the work really shows when part of my mind is elsewhere. But during the downtime I really enjoyed watching the Olympics, the table tennis, rock climbing, and kayaking were amazing. 

We’ve Noticed You Are Having A Big Sale! Tell Us Some More About That.

Yes, I’m having an Aussie Lockdown Sale! Which is on so long as there is a lockdown anywhere in Australia. I think the lockdowns are really important to save lives, but I wanted to acknowledge the strain that they are putting on lots of people, including those outside of lockdown zones. Lots of folk are lonely, families are disconnected, there’s just so many unexpected ways this pandemic has effected people. It’s only small but I thought that making my art a little more accessible because money is tight for so many people, might brighten a few homes just a bit. Anyone in Australia can snap up my art and cards for 30% off! 

Which Olive Tree Maker Would You Like To Give A ‘Shout Out’ To? What It Is About Their Work That Speaks To You? 

Love the work of Prudence De Marchi, wonderful composition with gorgeous colours.