A Special Mother’s Day Interview with Jess Farchione

Welcome to our special Mother’s Day blog post ! Today, we’re thrilled to share an intimate interview with a beloved regular at our markets, Jessica Farchione. Known for her radiant presence and unwavering support for local makers, Jess embodies the spirit of community that makes The Olive Tree Market so unique. Join us as we delve into her experiences, favourites and insights about the market, creativity and the joys of motherhood.

We love seeing your gorgeous self at the markets. What is it that draws you back to The Olive Tree Market on the regular?

First and foremost, it’s the sense of community that I love at The Olive Tree Market. It’s seeing families, couples, friends and individuals slowly perusing the stalls, chatting to a stall holder, agonising over what they should grab for lunch from which vendor – no one is in a rush, people are smiling and keen to learn and discover what the story is behind the product on sale.

Secondly, I love supporting small makers. The more I come to understand the negative effects of fast fashion and the scary world of mass produced, cheap products, the more I value and want to support Aussie, support local, support small.

Any favourites that you look forward to seeing at The Olive Tree Market?

Garrick from Serious Deliria is my guy for coffee. Cold brew has long been my coffee order and his is the best! I can never get enough of Sapori‘s pesto gnocchi – is three serves too many? Asking for a friend.

Since having my daughter, I can’t go past Mooni Tribe and Ella Boo for the most beautiful little outfits. I always like looking through Beau Wylie’s art collection – I have two of his prints in Lucia’s room. And for me, I always find a pearly treasure at Sun Ray.

As someone that works in our community, in the creative space, how important is it to have a space for our local creatives to show their wares.

I think it’s incredibly important for small makers to have soulful and emboldening spaces like Olive Tree where the community can get up close, touch, feel, play and experience products that otherwise they might only see through a phone screen. I think when you talk to a maker and understand their craft, their passion, their skill – you also come to understand price points and why things are worth the money. Yes, there might be a mass-produced, cheaper alternative somewhere else, but what you save financially ends up costing you in quality, environmental impact, sustainability and good karma!

Constantly having to come up with content on the daily to keep your listeners engaged is no mean feat. What would you say sparks your creativity?

My ethos on radio is simple – is this fun, will this make someone laugh? Where is the opportunity to add positivity, light and joy? There is so much to worry about and to be saddened by in this day and age so I look for ways in which I can brighten someone’s morning.

You are mumma to the beautiful Luica. What impact do you find that mum life had on your creativity?

Being a mum has unlocked a whole new level of story telling. I am experiencing the highs and lows, the peaks and valleys that so many before me have experienced and I love that I can reflect those journeys now. I LOVE posting something online or sharing a story on air and having people say YES! I TOTALLY GET THAT! I also am so conscious that I returned to work super early – Lucia was only three months old so when she grows up and I share that with her, I want her to know it’s because I love what I do, I love providing a beautiful life for her but mostly, I am so grateful and proud to do what I do and I want her to proud of me too.

What is something you are reading / watching / listening to right now that you’re loving.

James Bay has long been one of my favourite artists and we’re seeing him live in concert twice this week, so I’ve been introducing Lucia to his back catalogue. I randomly purchased Kyla Stone’s Edge of Collapse on my Kindle a little while ago not knowing anything about the series AND I AM HOOKED! I wouldn’t say I usually go for post-apocalyptic stories, but this has got its teeth in me that’s for sure. And my husband and I are actually on the look out for a new show to watch so in the interim, whilst we eat dinner, we’re rewatching Schitt’s Creek for honestly, the sixth time. Please send recommendations! We like to laugh.

And finally, for our out of towners visiting The Olive Tree Market, where else do you recommend visiting on a sunny Saturday in Newcastle.

Wow, where to start?! You have to grab your cold brew coffee and head up to the beach of course. Bar Beach is my favourite with the cliff face and rock pools and that stunning vista. Hunter Street might be in the middle of a facelift but there are so many gorgeous stores along there worth a look. Wilson & Hunter and Moral Store are two of my favourites. For lunch, nothing beats chicken and chips from my best friends at Mayfield West Kebabs and Charcoal Chicken. And if there’s time, the Hunter Valley is the best wine region in Australia and is a MUST! Usher Tinkler, Vamp by Lisa McGuigan, First Creek, PepperTree, Lakes Folly and Angus Vinden are all superb.

As we wrap up our Mother’s Day interview with Jess, we’re reminded of the vibrant spirit that she brings to The Olive Tree Market. Her passion for supporting local makers, her love for the community and her insights into balancing creativity with motherhood have left us inspired. Her story highlights the importance of spaces like The Olive Tree Market, where artisans, families and individuals come together to celebrate creativity and community.

We look forward to seeing you at our next market on Saturday 4th May at Civic Park from 9am to 2pm – we promise you’ll experience creative discoveries and connections. Until then, keep supporting local, keep celebrating creativity and keep cherishing the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Much Love,

The Olive Tree Market Tree Team xx