We are excited to present our stunning new artwork for the Olive Tree Autumn Markets, created by First Nations Artist Wayde Clarke of Alejandro Lauren

Wayde is a queer First Nations artist who has been a much loved member of our creative community since early 2022. It’s been inspiring to watch Wayde’s creative journey and success and we are honoured that he has created this beautiful work for Olive Tree.

Wayde introduces his artwork titled ‘Autumn Embrace’ below🍁

‘The artwork I’ve created portrays the beauty and tranquility of the autumn season and captures the essence of cool mornings and warm afternoons, which are synonymous with our Autumn season. I used rich and vibrant colours with hues of yellow, orange, red, and pink, to create a warm and welcoming feeling.

My desire with the artwork was to create a harmonious and peaceful ambiance that radiates love and warmth. As a First Nations artist I’ve incorporated an Indigenous design, which adds a unique cultural element to the artwork. The design is intricate and delicate, and it compliments the colours I’ve used.

The overall desire of Autumn Embrace is to transport each person who views my artwork to a serene and peaceful world. It’s a celebration of creativity, the beauty of nature and the rich culture of Indigenous peoples. I hope it resonates with our audience and and conveys the romantic elements of the autumn season’

Discover and be inspired by Wayde’s stunning artworks at The Olive Tree Market on April 1st.

Civic Park, Newcastle, Awabakal Country.