Meet Kirilee Williamson, author of Wonderful Me.

The Wonderful me book series focus on instilling self-love and resilience qualities in your little ones lives. The words in these books speak directly to the children listening to the story, telling them “YOU are wonderful!”

Each book includes images drawn by children just like the ones who are listening to the story – to further promote the message that each child is valuable, capable and has something unique to offer.
Wonderful Me is joining Olive Tree Market for the first time at Civic Park, and we’ve teamed up with author Kirilee for a live reading of her amazing book.

What inspired you to start Wonderful Me, and what’s the story behind the name?
My children are the main inspiration behind Wonderful Me, and without a doubt the reason I was led to start the business.
I put a lot of thought into the name, I wanted it to encompass the fact that children need to know they are wonderful, and to love who they are. We live in a society where many adults struggle with self worth, doubt and lack of love for who they are. The words “Wonderful Me” come together to help children realise from a very young age, that they matter, that they are valued, that they are indeed, very wonderful!

As the years progressed, and my business partner came on board, the vision became so much bigger and I can whole-heartedly say, it’s not just my children who are now the inspiration, but all the children that we speak to, meet and read our books.

It’s your first Olive Tree Market; what can shoppers expect to find at your stall?
Yes it is, exciting! We will be featuring the Wonderful Me collection of books and products, including my very first book, The Hug, which also has a super sweet cuddle toy, affectionately known as “Huggie”
You will also find our book “You Were Once the Size of a Plum,” a sweet little story that compares the size of the baby in the belly to different fruits and veg. This is such a lovely book to gift to new babies, or for older siblings who are about to welcome a new little sibling.

What’s a hidden talent, secret skill, or fun fact about yourself that customers might find interesting?
I regularly find myself talking, (and even thinking) in rhyme and will often break out into a singing rhyme (aka rap) when I am in the car with my three daughters. Sometimes they cheer me on, sometimes I am left with three children serving up a case of the eye-rolls, and sometimes, if I am lucky, they will join in!

Your books are designed by the ever so talented Mel Craig, a local gal. How did you pair come up with the characters for your books?
Our main character, the start of the Wonderful Me Collection, The Hug, was brought to life by Mel Craig, and she did an absolutely fantastic job in meeting the brief when creating him. Hug will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The other drawings of people which feature throughout the books were actually drawn by a group of children from a local preschool as well as Mel’s children and mine. We were fortunate enough to be welcomed in by Cooks Hill Preschool, where the children were very excited to draw pictures for the books. This allowed us to have a range of different styles that also represents the fact that each of us as humans are individual and unique.

What are your hopes for the future of Wonderful Me? Are there any dream themes or new books you want to create?
Our number one hope for Wonderful Me, is to bring the message of the books to children across Australia. We believe every child deserves to hear these messages, and now more than ever, our children need us to be instilling into their sense of self.
We currently have two books in the making, that will hopefully be hitting our “virtual” shelf very soon! We also have a long line of products that we are looking forward to developing very soon!


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